Virtuoso Bears

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The brief

If you could pick one memory from your childhood, what would it be? Maybe a little tune your father played to you on the piano, or a lullaby your mother lovingly sang to you before you drifted off to sleep?

Vosego is a company behind Virtuoso Bears, award-winning quality plush bears playing the most loved classical music compositions. I was approached by Joanna and assigned with a task of writing and curating the marketing & website content just in time for the US launch of the Virtuoso Bears Collection: Amadeus and Ludwig. It was a very successful debut. The musical bears, which are sold via Amazon, have already been awarded 2018 Plush Toy of The Year by Creative Child Magazine, 2018 National Parenting Product Awards Winner and Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award 2018.

A year later, we collaborated again. Just in time for the debut of their newest plush composer, Frederick Chopin, we created a beautiful, warm explainer video showing the power of music in making childhood a special time.

The movie

Virtuoso Bears: the best soundtrack for a happy childhood

Website content (excerpts)

If music is such a powerful medicine,
I want to offer it to my own baby,
and then to the whole world.


Actions speak louder than words? Perhaps, but Alex’s copywriting has special powers, it may not move mountains, but it does move hearts and minds. Clever, catchy, persuasive and funny if need be. Alex is a copy guru!

Joanna, the founder of Vosego


Ever since she was a child, Joanna Skubisz – an Oxford graduate with Pan-Asian experience in digital marketing and, as of 2018, the first-time mum of beautiful Henio – was a go-getter. She left her family home in Lublin, Poland as a 19-year-old and embarked on an educational journey spanning three continents: Europe (UK), United States (CA) and Asia (Japan). Her curiosity for different cultures and languages took her to study Japanese language and culture first at the University of London, and later at the top global school, the University of Oxford, where she earned her Masters of Science title.

– I always knew I wanted to study languages and travel the world, mostly to see how different cultures go through their lives – she remembers vividly.

Product backgrounder

It is no secret that science has long marvelled at the tangible benefits of music. Music therapy is used in the treatment of autism, dementia, chronic pain, emotional traumas and depression. It also heals anxiety, anger and stress.

Musical training, especially before the age of 7, increases brain volume and strengthens communication between different brain areas. A 2015 research has shown that babies in the womb can hear as early as 16 weeks, and they move in delight at the sound of delicate, instrumental music. Spanish scientists even recorded them opening their little mouths for a sing-along!

– If music is such a powerful medicine, I want to offer it to my own baby, and then to the whole world – thought Joanna Skubisz, an Oxford-educated, Singapore-based marketing specialist. And that is how the idea of Virtuoso Bears, plush toys playing the tunes of the most famous classical music composers – was conceived.

You can find out more about the product and its full story here: