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ALEX RESZELSKA — a Sydney-based, Polish-born writer and storyteller with over 10 years of diverse media experience.

“There’s no such thing as perfect writing, just like there’s no such thing as perfect despair.”

Haruki Murakami

Maybe I can help you craft your story?

If you decided to come to this section of my page, you are probably wondering what I am made of. Rightly so. There is an insatiable appetite in all of us to know another person’s story. A couple of years ago a new word made its way into the global dictionaries — sonder. It sounds like a mixture of ‘sorrow’ and ‘wonder’, and denotes a puzzled realisation that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own.

So who am I? Primarily, a writer and a journalist. Some could call me a word-slinger. Yet I prefer: a storyteller. I also have a degree in Japanese studies, thus I sometimes (somewhat jokingly) introduce myself as a Japanologist. Since my first baby was born in 2015, I have also become a spirituality enthusiast and an avid sustainability advocate. You cannot live on this planet without a gracious consciousness and respect towards the world around you. If we aren’t going to be the stewards of the Earth, who will? Each one of us is just a blip on the universe’s timeline. Let’s act accordingly.

Travelling opened my eyes to one obvious truth: we are all the same, just different hues and flavours. Having lived on three continents, I learnt to understand and respect different cultural backgrounds — their little peculiarities, sentiments, and dramas. All of these experiences have made me humble, inquisitive and ever curious. I love a good story. Similarly, I believe in the power of the right words.

As a writer, I published my pieces in many popular Australian and European magazines: Breathe, Mindful Parenting, Renaissance, Newsweek, Focus, Coaching, and Gazeta Wyborcza (the largest daily in Poland). For 3 years, I worked as a London-based foreign correspondent for Axel Springer’s Dziennik.

I was truly blessed to have met and interviewed some fascinating people from all walks of life. I chatted with Alain de Botton, Francis Fukuyama, Richard Sennett, Anthony Giddens, George Lakoff, Benjamin Barber, John N. Gray, and others. They shared with me their views on the future of love, democracy, internet, and happiness.

As a copywriter and scriptwriter, I am proud to have collaborated with various brands, companies and institutions. Some of them are: TEDx, Sydney Opera House, Amazon/Audible, Discovery Channel, the Northern Dimension Partnership on Culture, the City of Warsaw and the European Union. I can write about almost anything (maybe bar tech-manuals). But I feel happiest pondering the ideas of mindfulness, conscious living and parenting, sustainability, philosophy of happiness and self-development. And I can produce an endless stream of words on anything Japan-related, obviously.

I hold a Master’s degree in Journalism & Social Communication from the University of Warsaw, Poland, and an MSc in Modern Japanese Studies from the University of Oxford, UK.

Recently, my creative friends and I founded a Bondi-based studio DEVOTED Storytelling Collective. Together we write, shoot, animate, and generally strive to produce an amazing visual content. We love to work with people and brands whose values we share, and whose stories give us chills.

“Stories (not ideas, not features, not benefits) are what spread from person to person.”

Seth Godin, marketing guru

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Web Content: website copy, blog content etc. Marketing materials: flyers, brochures etc. Advertisements; Editorial and advertorial; Scripting; Social media storytelling; Feature writing.


Company profiling & story product; Names and descriptions; Corporate communications: newsletters, invitations, welcome letters, press releases etc.


Emails, invitations and Thank-You letters; Bespoke poems (to be used as gifts, Instagram posts etc.).

Feel free to get in touch if you’d like to talk about something I wrote, to hire me for a project, or – simply – to tell me your story.

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